Solar Gardens Founding Principles

  • We are independently owned with a voice for all members”, and follow responsible business practices.
  • We are vendor-neutral and technology-neutral, supporting a level playing field for installers.
  • We work with local designers, artists, and contractors, and seek partnership with local nonprofits, companies, and agencies.
  • We follow responsible solar principles, going above and beyond existing rules to produce responsible green power.
  • We work with the land and the urban environment at human scale to create a solar age we can be proud of.
  • We respect farming and ranching ways of life, and past and future generations.
  • We listen to the community, giving a hand up to those who need it.
  • We support an open forum for all stakeholders, and an honest discussion of the trade-offs.
  • We agree to respect one another, understanding that distributed energy supporters can have differing views on climate and energy development.
  • We support excellence in our team by offering flexibility and giving every member a chance to make their best contribution.

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